NEC ​Hotel Telephone Systems

Guest Room Phones

We are your source for a wide variety of economical guest room telephones from all major manufacturers.  We handle the pre-configuration, programming, branding, and labeling to save you time.

Desk phones, cordless phones and public area phones

Labeling with property logo and dialing instructions

Products from Teledex, TeleMatrix, Scitec


Business Telephone Systems Dealer

Monarch Technologies Inc.

Operator and Front Desk

E-911 notification provides the operator and front desk instant information on the room or location

where a 911 call originated

  Centrally and logically manage phone calls, department work flows requests, staff interaction and radio communications.

Incoming calls and Dial 0 calls distributed to operators in the order received, with guest name or Caller ID

Overflow call handling to front desk for busy times or when the operator is not available

Initiate and track work flows from the computer, such as housekeeping requests, room service, valet